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The Evolution of Hadoop Big-Data

Enterprises and smaller businesses are trying to track a slew of data sets: emails, search results, sales data, inventory data, customer data, click-throughs on websites and many other forms of structured, semi structured and unstructured forms of data and trying to manage it all in a relational database management system (RDBMS) which results in a very expensive proposition. Expensive RDBMS-based storage has led to data being siloed within an organization. Sales has its data, marketing has its data, accounting has its own data and so on. Worse, each department may have down-sampled its data based on its own assumptions. That can make it very difficult and misleading to use the data for company-wide decisions. The Big Data concept is designed to scale up from a single server to thousands of machines, with a very high degree of fault tolerance. Rather than relying on high-end hardware, the resiliency of these clusters comes from the software’s ability to detect and handle failures at the application layer.

Big Data sparks with FireFly

The Firefly clients have leveraged our expertise in Hadoop administration and development to handle big data. Firefly professionals are well versed with Hadoop and its Ecosystem to interpret or parse the results of big data searches through specific proprietary algorithms and methods. We provide dominant services in establishing and maintaining main components of Hadoop architecture including MapReduce and Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS).
We have helped our clients to first map a large data set, and then perform a reduction on that content for specific results achieving filter for raw data and then utilize The HDFS system t to distribute data across a network or migrate it as necessary.
If you are Java Programmer, Statistical Analyst, Database administrator/developer and /or related to any data analytical profession can find new horizons in your career with Hadoop to deal with big data in any number of ways.

The Evolution of Data Science

With vast amounts of data now available, companies in almost every industry are focused on exploiting data for competitive advantage. In the past, firms could employ teams of statisticians, modelers, and analysts to explore datasets manually, but the volume and variety of data have far outstripped the capacity of manual analysis. At the same time, computers have become far more powerful, networking has become ubiquitous, and algorithms have been developed that can connect datasets to enable broader and deeper analyses than previously possible. The convergence of these phenomena has given rise to the increasingly widespread business application of data science principles and data-mining techniques.

Data Science Sparks with FireFly

FireFly Pros Inc focuses on Data-driven decision-making (DDD) for the clients which refers to the practice of making decisions on the analysis of data, rather than purely on intuition. For example for our ecommerce clients we have based selection of marketing approaches on the analysis of data regarding how consumers react to different ads as well as to calculate the Customer Churn Rate. Our Clients have leveraged our expertise in data centric technologies, and the capability to extract useful knowledge from data which is regarded as key strategic assets. Too many businesses regard data analytics as pertaining mainly to realizing value from some existing data, and often without careful regard to whether the business has the appropriate analytical talent. Viewing these as assets allows us to think explicitly about the extent to which one should invest in them. Often, we don’t have exactly the right data to best make decisions and/or the right talent to best support making decisions from the data. FireFly Pros Inc’s expertise in the automated extraction of patterns from data with well-defined stages. Understanding the process and the stages helps to structure the data-analytic thinking, and to make it more systematic and therefore less prone to errors and omissions for our clients If you are Data Analyst, Statistician, SAS/SPSS Programmer or Big Data Professional, Data Science will unlock new horizons in your career.

The Significance of Business Analysis

Business analysis is an important aspect of any business and company. This is because change is the only constant thing that needs to be constantly dealt with. Change happens in both your target market and in the industry you belong to and for your business to survive and succeed despite the changes, proper business analysis must be conducted at the right time. In such a very cutthroat business environment, business analysis is significant in order to maintain competitiveness. This involves taking information gathered from different sources and analyzing the information so that a forecast of the future trends can be made. This will aid in formulating ways to improve business strategies, business operations and making smart business decisions to progress the company’s bottom line. The significance of business analysis is that it ensures that the decisions that are made are beneficial for the business and diminish incidents of unrealistic expectations which could later on result in disappointments and even loss of revenue.

Business Analysis Sparks with FireFly

Our clients have leveraged a wide variety of Business Analysis techniques to accomplish the needs addressed by each Domain/Industry/Knowledge area. Our consultants are adept with many techniques that have demonstrated value amongst the organizations from brainstorming to process modeling to user stories to UML and finally to test management. FireFly responsibly acquire and maintain a balanced set of techniques in its BA arsenal, as well as be able to choose the best technique for a given situation for our clients. FireFly has exceled through the following core essence of Business Analysis and still going strong to keep them updated.

Strengths of Tableau
  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • Elicitation
  • Requirements Management and Communication
  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Solution Assessment and Validation

The Evolution of Data Visualization through Tableau

Most of the data analytic software have a lot of fancy features but almost all of them fail when it comes to operating with large amounts of data, this is where the advanced in memory technology of tableau is a savior to all of those who need to get reports from ever increasing data. The tableau data engine is a breakthrough in-memory analytics database designed to overcome the limitations of existing databases and data silos. Capable of being run on ordinary computers, it leverages the complete memory hierarchy from disk to L1 cache. It shifts the curve between big data and fast analysis and it puts that power into the hands of everyone. Ad-hoc analysis of massive data takes place in seconds with no fixed data model is required. The Big Data concept is designed to scale up from a single server to thousands of machines, with a very high degree of fault tolerance. Rather than relying on high-end hardware, the resiliency of these clusters comes from the software’s ability to detect and handle failures at the application layer.

Strengths of Tableau
  • Speed
  • Ease of use
  • Beautiful and interactive dashboard
  • Easy publishing and sharing
  • Growing market
  • Big Data Analytics
Data Visualization sparks with FireFly

FireFly professionals has expertise to use the greatest strength of Tableau which is its speed with which it analyzes hundreds of millions of rows and gives the required answers in seconds. This quality comes in very handy when fast business decisions need to be taken. Another strength of Tableau that FireFly professionals leverages is it’s beautiful and interactive dashboard with which rich visualizations can be created with help of graphics and charts. We have helped our clients to add Images, web pages and documents into the dashboard for easy storytelling. FireFly professionals are have shown grown expertise in directly connecting to databases, cubes, and data warehouses without any advanced setup at client location to keep data live that keeps getting updated on its own. One can pick tables from spreadsheets to data from Hadoop to create a perfect mash-up and get desired results in no time. This is simple ad hoc business analytics.
If you are Statistical Analyst, Database administrator/developer and /or related to any data analytical profession, you can find new horizons in your career with Tableau for data visualization.